Rube Goldberg Machine was our second assignment in my video game development class. If it doesn’t play you have to make sure you have Unity Player installed! 
unrelated side note: coding = death of me 

In addition to my summer game design classes I’ll be working on a short just for fun with my friend! Script is almost finished and well soon do some ADR and discuss the next couple steps over ice cream! Of course I already got to work and it’s essential to have us as chinos as a title card! I’ll keep everyone updated on the production process!

Till then puhleaseeee help me get more followers and reblog thingz I feel like I’m talking to a wall.

Today was my first day of my game development class im taking at nyu poly. so by the end of these 6 weeks I’ll be publishing an actual game to play on the internet wow. so until this, this was the first ever thing I made in unity   (◕‿◕✿)